What follows a really bad movie about databases?


This is SQL.
wine bottles

This is NoSQL.
wine bottles pile

As discussed in my previous post- SQL is a relational (tabular) database, one that looks like an Excel sheet or an empty shelf. NoSQL is its evil twin sister.

The lovable evil twin sister.

People like NoSQL for it’s flexibility. You can only fit one wine bottle per shelf using SQL, but with NoSQL you can throw those wine bottles in a pile and it’s A-OK.

Also some people believe it is faster… but there are a lot of mixed opinions on this…

Let’s look for our favorite red wine again…

db.shelf.find( { “taste”: “delicious”, “dryness”: “dry” , “color”: “red”} )

A lot shorter, isn’t it?
You find your wine not by searching for it in it’s proper cubby in its designated row and column, you search by keys.

As you can imagine, there are pros and cons to this. A lot of companies are still reluctant to embrace NoSQL. (See other article)

Here’s some more reading. If you have some time to kill.

Take care out there. There’s wild Pokemon.

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