AI: 2018 in Review

This year The Algorithm’s AI In 2018: A Year In Review really struck a chord with me. It opens with a large infographic detailing the major events in AI this year.

The article goes through the very long list of incidents with this quote summarizing it best:

All these events pushed a growing wave of tech criticism, which focused on the unaccountable nature of these systems… To date, we’ve seen no real movement from Washington.

The Algorithm “Ai in 2018: A Year In Review”The question is, how did it come to this? Why did no one foresee what would happen if we don’t take responsibility for what we are developing?

And the bigger question is, how long will it continue?

Until there is a big(ger) push in legislation (California Consumer Privacy Act is a good start) to protect ourselves from misuse of our data, bias in AI and generally new threats in this new age we are living in, we are on the brink of even more disaster.

We are used to seeing IT companies as some kind of “good guy”, moving us forward, bringing us new conveniences, but at what cost?

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