About Me

I’ve always been fascinated by Asian culture, and decided I was going to live in Japan from a very young age. At college, I studied Japanese and found myself drawn to Linguistics. I always love a challenge, and discovering new things. Learning a new language gives you both of that.

After graduation I traveled the world, visiting Oman and China, settled in Japan and started teaching. During that time I discovered data science and analysis.

After a few years of Python projects on the side, I became an Application Engineer for a project management tool. Working with PMOs across the company, I gained a strong appreciation for the importance of good project management for a companies growth.

I found an amazing opportunity to combine my passions, project management and emerging technology as a project manager in the artificial intelligence department. Utilizing natural language processing is my specialty, and I have worked to release chatbots all over the world with many different businesses for many different purposes.

At work I am also in charge of promoting information security for our department, mentoring project managers across the company and a core member of the LGBT+ network. In my personal life, I love traveling, hiking, running and spending time with my dog.