MongoDB’s Aggregation Pipeline: make your life easier… or at least less difficult

The following is from Avinash Kaza’s article: Business Intelligence Platform: Tutorial Using MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline Found here: _______________________________________ Using data to answer interesting questions is what researchers are busy doing in today’s data driven world. Given huge volumes of data, the challenge of processing and analyzing it is a big one; particularly for statisticians orContinue reading “MongoDB’s Aggregation Pipeline: make your life easier… or at least less difficult”

SQL vs NoSQL. Part Three.

In previous posts I talked about SQL and NoSQL, and I want to go into a little more detail (while keeping it simple) what makes them different. Scalability>>> Think making big things small. In SQL data is stored vertically (so typically all on one server- expensive!).  NoSQL stores it horizontally (many servers==ok). Schema>>> Technically schemaContinue reading “SQL vs NoSQL. Part Three.”

What follows a really bad movie about databases?

NoSQL This is SQL. This is NoSQL. As discussed in my previous post- SQL is a relational (tabular) database, one that looks like an Excel sheet or an empty shelf. NoSQL is its evil twin sister. The lovable evil twin sister. People like NoSQL for it’s flexibility. You can only fit one wine bottle perContinue reading “What follows a really bad movie about databases?”

DIR: 07/04 Happy Monday

Day In Review: What I checked out today so you don’t have to Unless you want to. This section of the blog will be for posting some articles that I read everyday, and my honest opinion of whether they are worth your time or not. To save articles across the web, I use a combinationContinue reading “DIR: 07/04 Happy Monday”

What follows a movie about databases?

the SQL. …I don’t get it. It’s pronounced SEE-QUILL. Like “sequel.” And it is… a database. Well…I vaguely understand what that means, but I’m a visual person. Ok. I got it. A database is like an empty shelf. We’re going to go with a wine shelf. Because people like wine. I don’t. Well, that’s goodContinue reading “What follows a movie about databases?”