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Intentional Living to Find Your Most Authentic Self

Get mindset tips and resources to create a more genuine, creative, authentic life and home

If you could remove all your fears and limitations, what would you do? 

Think about the weight of all the negative experiences and negative things people have said to you in your life. Now think about the with of the things you say to yourself. 
But these things are not you, meaning they can be removed.

Take that weight off your shoulders. Find your most authentic self.

I know what it feels like you'll never get where you want to go.

Although it might be easy to think that you are right now, you are not alone.  Here are some symptoms of living an inauthentic life you might be noticing in your life right now:

  • Feeling you are never good enough

  • Overwhelmed by your day to day life

  • Negative thought spirals that don't end

  • Feeling too tired, or feeling restless and frantic

  • Inability to deal with clutter in your home

Remember these are symptoms, these are not you! By letting these define you, you are only trapping yourself more in a cycle of inauthenticity.  I can help you break through your limiting beliefs and patterns. Using both coaching and intuitive practices, you can re-discover yourself, gain clarity over who you are and what you want in your life, and make empowered and aligned decisions. In order to maintain this clarity day-to-day we will use sustainable routines and systems (in a fun, non-constraining way!) to help you create a harmonious and supportive environment both in your physical and meta-physical space. 

Find Your Fearless Authenticity

So who am I, and how can I help? 

I'm an intentional and authentic living coach based in Japan, bringing a fresh perspective on embracing our intuition and unlocking our inner creative potential. My intentional practices encourage us to dive deep into our authenticity and express ourselves freely. But this is not your typical self-help journey; my approach is all about having fun (and being silly!) while embarking on this transformative path!


Combining the power of coaching and feng shui, I ensure that my teachings are not merely abstract concepts but practical tools that seamlessly integrate into your daily life. By intentionality into every aspect of your routines, you can witness steady true progress as you align yourself with your true desires.

Besides writing I also embraces her own authentic self (Practice what you preach!) with my writing, art and photography (located in the Creative Works section).

For more about me, check out the About Me page or reach out!

How can you work with me

One on One

Working with me one-on-one is the most efficient way to get results! I do individual coaching for cllents, as well as consultations for hotels and AirBnBs.

Courses & Membership (Membership coming 2024)

Affordable programs where you can do through your home at your own speed, and more importantly maintain your lifestyle changes with accountability and community 

Sustainable Fair Trade Online Shop
(Coming End of 2023!)

Want to buy beautiful, inspiring pieces for your home while helping the earth and local communities around the globe? Well, here is your shop!

My Clients Say

Rin Image.png
"I am very excited to be attracting beauty and richness into my life even more! I love how the room creates an intention for that to arise even more."

Lynn - Coach @ Jiaiii

What are you waiting for?

Imagine waking up each day with a sense of purpose and clarity, effortlessly tapping into your intuition to guide you towards inspired decisions. Kristen Huber's intuitive living practices offer a refreshing way to navigate life authentically while unleashing your boundless creative expression.

So why wait? Embrace the joyful adventure of intuitive living and embark on a journey filled with self-discovery, personal growth, and an abundance of laughter along the way!


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