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Using Your Home as a Vision Board: Creating and Supporting Your Life Vision with Feng Shui

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Step 1: Get Imaginative! Dream up YOUR dream life, babe!

Your home is not just a place to live, but also a powerful tool to create and support your life vision. But before you can start using your home as a vision board, it's important to have a clear understanding of your life vision. Your life vision goes beyond material possessions and encompasses the traits, characteristics, and experiences that you desire. It is a reflection of who you are and who you want to become.

To gain clarity on your life vision, it's essential to take the time to connect with your inner self and uncover your true desires. One powerful tool to achieve this is using meditation or hypothesis. This doesnt mean that you need to have a regular meditation practice, just a simple one-time life vision meditation is fine. Get yourself in a comfortable space, or a day that you are already in a good mood, not one that you are stressed. Wear something comfortable that means something to you, and prepare your enviroment with some nice smelling spray or candles. SIt or lay down so you are comfortable, and dedicate about an hour to your visioning time. I recommend about 30 minutes for listening to a guided meditation (its ok if you fall asleep) and another 30 minutes after that for reflection.

Another effective method is taking a solo retreat. By temporarily stepping away from your daily routines and responsibilities, you create space for self-reflection and introspection. These retreats allow you to detach from external influences and focus solely on yourself and your desires. Think of it like a mindful vacation, giving yourself all the space you need to think and dream.

Uncovering Your True Desires

Uncovering your true desires is an ongoing process of self-discovery. It requires self-reflection, introspection, and a willingness to challenge any preconceived notions or societal expectations that may have influenced your desires- which trust me is a LOT.

During your meditation practice or solo retreats, ask yourself thought-provoking questions such as:

  • What brings me joy and fulfillment?

  • What are my passions and interests?

  • What values and beliefs are important to me?

  • What experiences do I want to have in my life?

  • What impact do I want to make in the world?

Write down your answers in a journal or notebook. The act of writing with a pen and paper can bring up more of your true inner desires, since the physical act of writing with a paper and pen forces you to focus

Manifesting Your Life Vision

Once you have a clear understanding of your life vision and have uncovered your true desires, it's time to take steps towards manifesting them. Manifestation involves aligning your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your desired outcomes, and is a much more complicated process than it seems.

Remember, your life vision may evolve and change over time. It's important to regularly reassess and adjust your desires as you grow and experience new things. Stay connected to your inner self, listen to your intuition, and continue to manifest a life that aligns with your true desires.

The Bhagwa Map: Activating Different Areas of Your Life

The Bhagwa map is a powerful tool that can help you activate different areas of your life within your home. It consists of nine areas: wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, love and partnerships, family, health, creativity and playfulness, knowledge and cultivation, career, helpful people or acquaintances, and travel. While the specific layout on the Bhagwa map is not as important, what you put in each area holds significance.

Each area of the Bhagwa map represents a different aspect of your life, and by focusing on that particular area, you can enhance and activate the energy associated with it. Here, we will explore each of these areas and discuss how you can use the Bhagwa map to manifest positive changes in your life.

Wealth and Prosperity

In the Bhagwa map, the wealth and prosperity area is associated with the color purple. This area represents abundance, success, and financial well-being. To activate this area, you can place symbols of wealth such as money plants, wealth vases, or any object that represents abundance to you. It is also beneficial to keep this area clean, clutter-free, and well-lit.

Fame and Reputation

The fame and reputation area, represented by the color red in the Bhagwa map, is associated with recognition, reputation, and social status. To activate this area, you can display awards, certificates, or any objects that symbolize your achievements. You can also use red-colored objects or lights to enhance the energy of this area.

Love and Partnerships

The love and partnerships area, represented by the color pink in the Bhagwa map, is associated with relationships, love, and harmony. To activate this area, you can place objects that represent love and partnership, such as a pair of mandarin ducks or a photo of you and your partner. You can also use pink-colored decorations or candles to enhance the energy of this area.


The family area, represented by the color green in the Bhagwa map, is associated with the bond between family members, as well as health and well-being. To activate this area, you can place family photos, objects that represent unity and togetherness, or plants. Green-colored objects or decorations can also be used to enhance the energy of this area.


The health area, represented by the color yellow in the Bhagwa map, is associated with physical and mental well-being. To activate this area, you can place objects that symbolize good health, such as images of healthy individuals or healing crystals. Yellow-colored objects or lights can also be used to enhance the energy of this area.

Creativity and Playfulness

The creativity and playfulness area, represented by the color white in the Bhagwa map, is associated with self-expression, creativity, and joy. To activate this area, you can place art materials, musical instruments, or any objects that inspire creativity. White-colored objects or decorations can also be used to enhance the energy of this area.

Knowledge and Cultivation

The knowledge and cultivation area, represented by the color blue in the Bhagwa map, is associated with wisdom, learning, and personal growth. To activate this area, you can place books, study materials, or any objects that represent knowledge and learning. Blue-colored objects or decorations can also be used to enhance the energy of this area.


The career area, represented by the color black in the Bhagwa map, is associated with your professional life and opportunities for growth. To activate this area, you can place objects related to your career or industry, such as a business card holder or symbols of your profession. Black-colored objects or decorations can also be used to enhance the energy of this area.

Helpful People or Acquaintances

The helpful people or acquaintances area, represented by the color gray in the Bhagwa map, is associated with helpful people, mentors, and networking. To activate this area, you can place objects that represent supportive relationships, such as a mentor's photo or contact information. Gray-colored objects or decorations can also be used to enhance the energy of this area.


The travel area, represented by the color silver in the Bhagwa map, is associated with opportunities for adventure, exploration, and new experiences. To activate this area, you can place objects that symbolize travel or items from your favorite destinations. Silver-colored objects or decorations can also be used to enhance the energy of this area.

Remember, the Bhagwa map is a tool to support and enhance your intentions and manifestations. While it is important to place objects and symbols in each area, it is equally important to set clear intentions and visualize your desires. By combining the power of intention and the energy of the Bhagwa map, you can activate different areas of your life and create positive changes within your home.

Activating Areas of Your Home

Do you ever wonder if your home can have a greater impact on your life? Can it help you achieve your goals and desires? The answer is yes! By strategically placing objects that represent your intentions and aspirations, you can activate different areas of your life using your home. Let's explore how you can infuse your living space with purpose and energy.

Setting Your Intentions

Before you begin activating specific areas of your home, it's essential to set clear intentions. What do you want to attract or accomplish in different aspects of your life? Whether it's career growth, love and relationships, personal development, or health and well-being, take a moment to write down your goals and desires. This will serve as a guide when choosing objects to place in each area.

Symbology and Representation

The objects you place in your home can symbolize your intentions and serve as powerful reminders of what you want to manifest. Let's say you seek international business partnerships. Placing a globe on your desk can represent your intention to expand your global reach. As you work, you'll be constantly reminded of your desire, and it can help attract opportunities in that area of your life.

Similarly, if you aspire to enhance your creativity, you can display art supplies or inspirational artwork in your creative space. These objects can inspire your imagination and ignite your artistic flow. Remember, the key is to choose items that resonate with you and hold personal meaning.

Activating the Career Area

Your work environment plays a significant role in your career success. To activate the career area of your home, focus on your home office or workspace. Start by decluttering and organizing your desk, ensuring it is clean and free from distractions. A clutter-free environment fosters clarity and focus.

Next, add objects that represent your professional ambitions. It could be a vision board with images related to your dream job or industry, or a small plant to symbolize growth and abundance. Place items that inspire you and align with your career goals within your line of sight, such as books, certificates, or quotes from successful individuals in your field.

Finally, consider the energy flow in your workspace. Ensure there is enough light and fresh air to create a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere. If possible, position your desk to face the entrance of the room, as this is known to attract career opportunities and symbolize being in command of your professional life.

Activating the Love and Relationships Area

Your home is not just a place to activate career aspirations but can also contribute to your love and relationship goals. To activate the love and relationships area of your home, focus on the bedroom and other areas that foster intimacy and connection.

Start by creating a calm and inviting ambiance in your bedroom. Choose soothing colors, comfortable bedding, and soft lighting. Remove any items that evoke negative emotions or memories. A clutter-free and serene environment promote harmony and tranquility in relationships.

Consider placing symbols of love and unity in this area. A pair of mandarin ducks or a vase of fresh flowers can represent harmony and love. You can also add objects in pairs, such as two candles or two decorative items, to symbolize partnership. Remember to infuse these objects with your intentions for love and lasting relationships.

Activating the Personal Development Area

Your home can also be a space for personal growth and self-improvement. To activate the personal development area of your home, create a designated space for learning and reflection. It could be a study corner, a meditation room, or even a cozy reading nook.

Fill this space with books, inspiring quotes, and objects that reflect your desire for personal growth. You can also display your achievements and certificates to celebrate your progress. Consider incorporating calming elements such as plants, natural scents, or a small fountain to create a serene atmosphere that fosters introspection and self-discovery.

Activating the Health and Well-being Area

Your home should be a sanctuary that supports your physical and mental well-being. To activate the health and well-being area of your home, concentrate on spaces dedicated to relaxation, exercise, and nourishment.

Create a comfortable and inviting area for relaxation, such as a cozy corner with cushions and blankets. This can be a space for meditation, practicing mindfulness, or simply unwinding after a long day. Consider incorporating elements of nature, such as indoor plants or a small tabletop fountain, to promote relaxation and stress relief.

If you have space, dedicate an area for exercise or physical activity. It could be a yoga mat in the living room or a small home gym. Make sure the area is well-ventilated and has ample natural light, as this can boost your energy and motivation to stay active.

Lastly, pay attention to your kitchen and dining area. These are spaces where you nourish your body, so it's important to create a clean and inviting atmosphere. Keep your kitchen organized and stocked with nutritious ingredients. Use colors and textures that stimulate your appetite and make mealtime a pleasurable and mindful experience.

Embracing Sustainability

As you activate various areas of your home, remember to prioritize sustainability. You don't need to buy new things; instead, utilize what you already have and infuse them with intention. Repurpose objects to suit your needs or consider swapping items with friends or family to bring fresh energy into your home without generating waste.

By activating areas of your home with purpose and intention, you create a space that supports and aligns with your goals and desires. Remember to regularly revisit and update your intentions as you grow and evolve. Let your home be a reflection of your dreams and aspirations, and watch as it transforms into a sanctuary of possibility and manifestation.

Using Pictures and Affirmations

Pictures have the power to evoke emotions, capture memories, and serve as reminders of the people and experiences we hold dear. When we display photographs of loved ones or achievements in our homes, we create a supportive network of positive memories that can have a profound impact on our well-being and outlook on life.

Imagine walking into your living room and seeing a framed picture of your family vacation on the beach. Instantly, you are transported back to that time and place, surrounded by the laughter and love of your nearest and dearest. This simple act of displaying a photograph can instantly uplift your mood, reminding you of the relationships and experiences that bring you joy.

Not only do pictures serve as reminders, but they also act as visual representations of the support networks we have in our lives. Seeing the faces of our loved ones can provide a sense of comfort and reassurance, especially during times of stress or uncertainty. It reminds us that we are not alone and that we have people who care about us.

Affirmations, on the other hand, are positive statements that help reinforce our life vision and create a mindset for success. By repeating affirmations while placing objects in our homes, we can strengthen our beliefs and influence our actions and decisions.

For example, let's say you have a vision of becoming a successful entrepreneur. By placing a motivational quote or affirmation on your desk, such as "I am capable of achieving greatness," you are constantly reminding yourself of your capabilities and aspirations. This message serves as a guiding light, nudging you towards choices and actions that align with your vision of success.

Affirmations can take different forms depending on your preferences. Some people like to write them down on sticky notes and place them around their home, while others prefer to create vision boards or artwork that depict their aspirations. The key is to choose affirmations that resonate with you and to place them in strategic locations where you will see them frequently.

By incorporating affirmations and pictures into our living spaces, we create an environment that fosters positive thinking and supports our personal growth. The messages and reminders in our homes serve as constant guides, steering us towards choices and actions that align with our vision and values.

The Power of Visualization

One of the most powerful aspects of using pictures and affirmations is the ability to visualize our goals and desires. When we see images that represent our aspirations, we are more likely to believe in their possibility and work towards making them a reality.

For example, if your dream is to travel the world, you can create a collage of travel destinations and place it on your bedroom wall. Every time you look at it, you are reminded of your passion for adventure and motivated to take steps towards making your travel dreams come true.

Similarly, if your goal is to advance in your career, you can create a vision board that showcases the position you want to achieve, the skills you want to develop, and the attributes you want to embody. By visually immersing yourself in this vision every day, you are sending a powerful message to your subconscious mind that this is what you want and are ready to work for.

Visualization is a powerful tool utilized by many successful individuals and athletes. By vividly picturing their desired outcome and repeatedly affirming their belief in it, they program their minds for success and increase their chances of achieving their goals.

Creating Your Own Inspirational Space

Now that we understand the benefits of using pictures and affirmations, let's explore how we can create our own inspirational space. Here are some practical tips to get you started:

  1. Choose meaningful photographs: Select photographs that hold special meaning to you, whether it's a picture of your loved ones, a memorable achievement, or a place that brings you joy. Frame them and display them in prominent areas of your home where you will see them often.

  2. Write down affirmations: Take some time to reflect on your life vision and goals. Write down positive affirmations that align with your aspirations and values. Place them in areas where you spend a lot of time, such as your workspace or bathroom mirror.

  3. Create a vision board: Gather images, quotes, and words that represent your goals and desires. Arrange them on a board or canvas, creating a visual representation of your vision. Hang it in a place where you will see it every day.

  4. Be consistent with your reminders: Make it a habit to look at your pictures and read your affirmations regularly. Reinforce your belief in your vision by consistently immersing yourself in these reminders.

Remember, the purpose of using pictures and affirmations is to create an environment that supports your personal growth and helps you align your choices and actions with your vision. By surroundi
Conclusion and Future Videos

Your home is more than just a place to live. It can be transformed into a powerful tool for manifesting your life vision. In this video, we have explored various ways to turn your home into a vision board that supports and aligns with your desires and goals.

Using the Bhagwa Map

The Bhagwa map is a powerful tool that can help you create a vision for your life and map out the areas in your home that align with those goals. By placing the Bhagwa map in a prominent location, such as the entrance or living room, you can constantly be reminded of your vision and the steps needed to achieve it.

With the Bhagwa map as your guide, you can intentionally design each area of your home to mirror the qualities and aspirations you have identified. For example, if you want to attract more abundance and prosperity, you can place items and decorations in the wealth area of your home to support that intention.

Intentional Object Placement

Every object in your home carries its own energy and meaning. By intentionally placing objects that symbolize your goals and aspirations, you can create a living space that supports and manifests your life vision.

For example, if you have a goal of traveling more, you can display souvenirs from your travels or place a world map on your wall. These objects serve as visual reminders of your desires and can inspire you to take action towards achieving them.

Similarly, if you have a goal of starting a business, you can create a dedicated workspace in your home and fill it with items that symbolize success, such as books on entrepreneurship or a vision board showcasing your business ideas.

Affirmations for Manifestation

Affirmations are positive statements that can help reprogram your subconscious mind and attract what you desire into your life. By incorporating affirmations into your home, you can amplify the power of manifestation.

One way to do this is by creating affirmation cards or posters and placing them strategically throughout your home. Choose affirmations that resonate with your goals and dreams. For example, if you want to improve your health, you can place affirmations like "I am healthy and vibrant" in your kitchen or near your exercise equipment.

Another way to incorporate affirmations is by using them as decorative elements. You can write affirmations on small chalkboards or paint them on canvases to hang on your walls. This way, every time you see these affirmations, you can reinforce your belief in your desires and affirm their manifestation.

Future Videos

This video serves as an introduction to the topic of using your home as a tool for manifestation. However, there is so much more to explore and learn. In the future, we will be producing more videos that delve deeper into specific techniques and strategies to help you create a home that aligns with your life vision.

Some of the future videos will cover topics such as:

  1. The power of color and how to use it to create the desired mood and energy in your home.

  2. Feng Shui principles and how to apply them to maximize the flow of positive energy in your living space.

  3. Tips for decluttering and organizing your home to create a clear and supportive environment for manifestation.

  4. Creating sacred spaces and altars to enhance your spiritual practice and connection to your goals.

Stay tuned for these upcoming videos that will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips on how to transform your home into a manifestation powerhouse. Your dreams and desires are within reach, and your home can be the catalyst for bringing them to life.
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