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What is a session with me like?

Like every person is different and has different needs, every session is different.  However there is a certain flow to my sessions

How it usually works

1. Grounding and Intuitive Check-In

We will do a short meditation and grounding exercise to release any stress or distractions from your day., and possibly use tarot or oracle cards to receive any guidance about what's going on in your life

2. Life Coaching

Depending on the situation, we will be diving into the current issues at hand, and what is obstructing you from where you want to be.

3. Practical Applications

For a shorter session, this may include some journaling exercises, habit tracking, and small changes to your living enviroment. For longer sessions, we will be diving deeper into your habits, and working more with your living space to really accelerate changes. 

How to get started

To make sure we are a good fit to work together, we will start with a complementary discovery call to discuss whatever issue that is most pressing to you now, answer any questions you may have about how I work or the process 😊

How do I book a Discovery Call? 

Complete the Pre-Discovery form  ✅

Click on the link here to complete the form, or after you schedule your call you will also be redirected to the form.

  Book my Calendar   ✅

Book my calendar from the below widget.

!Put it on your calendar and get prepared  ✅

Get excited! 🎉 Even if it's just a small thing you want to work on during our discovery session we can have some big insights in 30 minutes

Booking Calendar

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