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Go from confused, cluttered and stressed, to a stress-free clean home with ease.


You are struggling to maintain a clean home. Your home is not supportive, it is full of distractions. You want guests over, but can't find the courage to ask them because they are embarrassed about their home. You feel overwhelmed just thinking about your home and don't even know where you would start.

Right now you are struggling to maintain a clean and "livable" home. You feel your home is a chore, something on your to-do list constantly, NOT a place where you feel supported and recharged.  It is full of clutter and distractions, and keeping you from the person you want to become. You want to feel more social and have friends over, but you can't help but be embarrassed about your home. You want to change but you feel so overwhelmed thinking about your home and you don't even know WHERE to start. But it IS possible to create a home that is an OASIS for you.

Imagine what it would feel like to have your home effortlessly reflect your life vision. A home that suits you so well that it inspires you.


1 month from now

  • Understand better what in your life and your home is no longer aligning with your future self and start to remove those things

  • identify what negative habits are holding you back

3 months from now

  • remove things in your life that are no longer aligned and be able to do this with confidence on a daily basis

  • fully engrain positive habits that are supporting you to create the home that you want

6 months from now

  • you are so conscious of what is aligned and not aligned in your life and your home you do not need to even make effort to clean your home or declutter anymore

  • you show off your home with joy and love to everyone you know

  • you can accomplish other goals in your life with more ease now that your home is supporting you


But is this really possible?

Let me share a bit about my own story. I had been struggling with maintaining a clean living space my whole life.  Growing up, you couldn't even see the floor of my childhood room, and my room in college was designated a fire hazard by the head of the dorm. My home was not even physically difficult to live in, it was causing (and in turn created by) my inability to control my stress and how overwhemed I was.

This was UNTIL I made a few key discoveries. 
- Your physical living space AND your metaphysical space (mental/spiritual) are intricately linked. How one is, affects the other

- Organization is not a one-size-fits-all approach. You need to find your OWN organization style and apply that.

- Habit building is not as simple as *Let me start a new habit tomorrow!* You need to understand WHY you have the behavior you do and do some mental prep if you really want to make a powerful new habit and STICK to it

Welcome to the Reset to your Best Home and Inner Self Transformation, where we blast past the blocks keeping you from the tidy home that you desire.

Because shouldn't your home be supporting you?

Change by yourself is HARD. But with the right mindset and support, you will be AMAZED with the changes you can achieve!

Imagine feeling pride about your home and increasing your self-confidence.

Feeling like your home is a place of peace and not something that is always at the bottom of your to-do list.

Living in a home that RECHARGES you like a 5-star resort.

Embark on a Three-Month Transformation:

Phase 1: Get Ready

Learn the basic concepts of feng shui and why we clutter and prepare a plan for dealing with your own cluttering style. Identify which of your habits are holding you back, and what to replace them with. Prepare your own mindset, and learn what to do when other people in your home are not supportive of your journey to have a tidy home, and how to get them on this journey with you. By the end of this phase, you'll have taken the first steps towards a more intentional living space.

Phase 2: Out with the Old

Start decluttering with intention and learn how to make steady progress vs. dumping everything at once and then risk rebounding. Identify your own organization style, and start integrating the right mindset to keep your home tidy and clean.

Phase 3: Integrate into Your New Home and Life

Start being more conscious about what is aligned in your home and life, and use this on a daily basis. Your new habits are fully ingrained and you are feeling more comfortable in your new tidy home.

  • What is feng shui?
    Feng shui is about the relationship between your metaphysical state (think your mental, spiritual state, etc) and the physical enviroment around you. You can practice feng shui for the clothes that you wear, your office, or even an entire city! The reason we focus on your home is because it is generally the place that you spend the most time over AND have the most control over.

Presented by Tamala Francis,
Founder & CEO at Francis & Co.

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